Level-up in Lightroom – Online one-on-one class

Level-up in Lightroom - Online one-on-one class

Want to make your photos stand out?

Let me take you through my workflow with your (or mine) photographs in a 75 minute online workshop for $125. All you need is a computer so we can share screens.

I’ll help you improve your hit-to-miss ratio to create better pictures. And If you’re not happy, I’ll wear that and refund your money (in exchange for feedback).

People, pets, landscapes, architecture, nature, astro – whatever you want, we can talk about it. Questions, conversations, comments – this can be totally conversational, you leading the conversation, or me running the entire session. It’s meant to be casual, but to the point.

Book your place right now at the bottom of this page.

The standard post-production problems

A massive part of taking photos is post-production and the editing work-flow. This can be the maker-or-breaker of getting great results, and without a sensible and structured approach to this, you are no-doubt missing out on potential big wins.

But it’s more than just editing. It’s about knowing which pictures to edit. And which pictures to trash or ‘put aside’. It’s a process with both creative and technical steps. It’s not hard, but the truth is, some pictures just can’t be saved.

Being able to edit your photos is a mix of capturing the right images and then spending time on them once you’re back on your computer. But don’t worry if your pictures aren’t all five stars – there’s a lesson to be learn from every shoot.

For one hour, I’ll Skype with you (up to 75 minutes) and we can share screens. Your screen or mine. Your photos or mine. I’ll demonstrate how to not just pick the winning shots, but give feedback on why. And this can be a valuable lesson for your next shoot.

Don’t have software? That’s cool – we can use my computer with your pictures. And you’ll get to keep all my edits of your shots – they are 100% your photos. Or we can run though my photos and you can ask as many questions as you like.

How’s it work?

  1. Fill out your preference of time using the booking system below
  2. I’ll confirm and send an invoice requesting payment before our session
  3. I’ll send instructions for you to get ready (i.e. adding me on Skype, ensuring we can get a video call going, getting any files shared, if required)
  4. Then we kick off – Just make sure you can make a video call, have headphones and we’re good-to-go

Make a booking now

Find a time, lock it in, and let me give you the lowdown on Lightroom.

Sydney Mobile Phone Wallpapers – Free Downloads

Sydney Mobile Phone Wallpapers - Free Downloads

Sweeten up your phone, Sydney!

After the lovely feedback yesterday from my Melbourne mobile phone wallpapers, I've decided to go one up and share some Sydney shots.

Once again, download them, take a picture of your phone or screenshot and let me know how it looks. Or don't. But I hope you like them.

Just click on the one (or few) you like, and download to your phone.

Mobile Phone Wallpapers – Free Downloads

Mobile Phone Wallpapers - Free Downloads

Make your mobile a little more Melbourne!

So it's Christmas. I might no have a Santa Sack, but I've got some portrait pictures that might make your lock-screen look a little more local?

Feel free to download them and let me know if you do. Take a picture, show me how it looks! Thanks, hope you dig!

And if Sydney's more your style, check out my free Sydney mobile phone wallpapers.

Just click on the one (or few) you like, and download to your phone.

Best Camera? The one you’ve got.

Best Camera? The one you've got.

I’ve always taken pictures, but increasingly, not with a big and bulky camera. That’s not to say I’m using some smaller mirrorless camera over a traditional DSLR. I’m using my mobile phone. Something that just sits in my pocket and without thought. If you’re interested, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S9.

We know that cameras are getting cheaper and more accessible. But the capabilities of these little cameras is remarkable. For a long time, the control that was on a more traditional camera just wasn’t available. Full manual control, ISO, focus, shutter speed, variable aperture, RAW image shooting. But not any more.

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Social Media Reach. Instagram vs Twitter vs Facebook

Social Media Reach. Instagram vs Twitter vs Facebook

As a ‘creator’, there’s a few things that drive me. One is the process of making something; It’s therapeutic and relaxing, scratches creative itches and gets me exploring. Then, to be honest, there’s the reaction of showing people. It’s nice to get positive feedback, and anyone who tells you different is kidding themselves. But basically, making something that people see is rewarding. Continue Reading..

Japan Photoshoot with Mindful Matcha

Japan Photoshoot with Mindful Matcha

2 Weeks In Japan

The past two weeks have been pretty big. 2 days to myself in Tokyo, 10 days with my client, Sahra from Mindful Matcha, and now a couple days to myself in Osaka. To call this job a simple photoshoot, would really be underselling it. As much as this was a photography trip, much of the time was spent on all-things-business. From strategy, marketing, web tech, website development, social and content marketing, customer service and so on – this was a pretty encompassing.  Continue Reading..

To Watermark or Not To Watermark: That is the question

To Watermark or Not To Watermark: That is the question

I’m often involved in discussions about watermarking photos. Specifically, that I should be watermarking my photos. To me, photographers you’ve got a choice, and the default shouldn’t be the watermark.

  1. Watermark your work, at either a mild or extreme ends of invasiveness
  2. Don’t watermark your work

Legally, one doesn’t need to watermark

People seem to (wrongly) think that a watermark is a sign that the work is copyrighted. Legally, copyright is implied and automatic, so that’s just a common-held misbelief. People also seem to think that work won’t be pinched IF it’s watermarked, or at least they will have a visual reminder that it’s owned by someone. A little “hey, don’t pinch me please” reminder… Continue Reading..

The New Adobe Lightroom CC. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

The New Adobe Lightroom CC. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

I’ve been a long time Lightroom user. I’m familiar with shortcut keys, the multi-screen set-up consistent with other Adobe CC products, and I’ve got some high end camera outputs that I put in to the Adobe ecosystem.

This post will discuss the following:

  • Embracing mobility and using the iPad to import and manage pictures
  • Using Lightroom on my Mac
  • Using Lightroom on my iPad

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Mount Agung, Bali. An Eruption Looms.

Mount Agung, Bali. An Eruption Looms.

We arrived in Bali around the end of July, and the main volcano of the island, Mount Agung, started stirring. Not that you’d really know. Minor earth tremors, things of that nature. Needless to say, it’s been a slow build. Up until last week – that’s where things have really reached boiling point.

We had planned a road trip around the North East and as such, got some great views of the massive structure that stands around 3,000 meters above sea-level. And sea-level is kinda where this mountain starts. It’s incredible. The roads, all around it, just gradually go up and up and up. Continue Reading..

Black & White Koh Lanta

Black & White Koh Lanta

I’ve been in a bit of a photography rut

Given my amazing surrounds of Thailand, that might be a slight surprise, but I never quite anticipated the hangover of my 2016 photo-a-day conquest I forgot it was a leap year – that 366th day really got me. Something about needing to find a subject or scene, every day, that was compelling, interesting, etc… It just got me down a little by the end and resulted in me being a little reluctant to pick up my camera in 2017 (well, so far). Continue Reading..