Best Camera? The one you’ve got.

I've always taken pictures, but increasingly, not with a big and bulky camera. That's not to say I'm using some smaller mirrorless camera over a traditional DSLR. I'm using my mobile phone. Something that just sits in my pocket and without thought. If you're interested, it's the Samsung Galaxy S9. We know that cameras are getting cheaper and more accessible. But the capabilities of these little cameras is remarkable. For a long time, the control that was on a more traditional camera just wasn't available. Full manual control, ISO, focus, shutter speed, variable aperture, RAW image shooting. But not any more. You can even buy little tripod mounts for phone allowing for serious night-time / low light shots. It wasn't that long ago that mirrorless cameras were the 'compact' option for high-end shots, but that's well and truly changing. Have a look through the shots below. All taken on my Galaxy S9. What do you think? Any questions? Ask below, I'll keep no secrets 🙂

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  1. Sandy // //

    I’ve noticed lately, the shots you have posted are a touch under saturated ( or perhaps the blacks are more grey ). I presume that was an artistic decision as it could be changed in the editing/processing rather than being a product of the camera..

    PS – Happy anniversary for yesterday

    • Steven // //

      Hey Sandy, thank you for the congrats. As for the shots, I tend to go in waves with my processing; sometimes I like extreme contrasts, sometimes more subtle. With these shots, I’ve been pretty much using the mobile only, so it could be a result of the screen I’m editing on? To be honest, it’s something I haven’t consciously thought about. I’m not too consistent in style, IMO (when I compare myself to other photographers).

  2. Alison // //

    Beautiful, amazing photos!
    Do you always use a tripod and do you use any add on lenses or is it just as the phone camera comes straight from the box?

    • Steven // //

      Thanks very much Alison! With all of these photos, the camera is as-shipped (no extra lenses, anything like that). As for tripod, totally use them for night shots. I’ve got a little mounting bracket that holds my phone and I can attach it to my existing tripods for anything longer than about 1/10th a second.


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