I’ve taken the plunge & I’m starting a small business…

I’ve worked for other people and companies all my life. It’s been great. I’ve got almost 15 years experience working in tech companies from small business, start ups to large enterprise. I’ve worked on big client facing projects in both B2B and B2C, as well as back end systems that aren’t directly visible on the outside. In the past 8 or so years though, I’ve diversified with regards to what I’m passionate about.

I’m really passionate about technology. I think I always will be. But, as you might know, I’m also really passionate about photography. It’s all pretty connected, though.

In the past month, I’ve gone about combining my passions to try do something for me. In my previous 15 years, I’ve always kinda done what I’ve wanted. Even those shitty jobs, I’ve tried to make the most of them and see a silver lining. Now I’m using as many skills as I’ve learnt along the way to try sell photography. For a long time I’ve been told I should be doing this. I’ve pushed back. I’ve said “I don’t want to throw the conflicting interests of money and art”, but enough is enough.


I’ve researched eCommerce systems. I’ve been doing small business training courses. I’m learning about shipping processes, billings, inventory, process optimisations, using MYOB accounting software, marketing automation. I’m working on marketing plans and social strategy. This is all stuff I’ve had some experience with. I’m also asking for professional help in areas I’m not strong. But basically, I’m, here to say I’m selling photos and you can order today.

Working in digital is awesome. You can break rules and do things how you like. But turning pixels in to prints is something else. I can’t put my finger on it… Actually, I can; that’s exactly what I love about it. I’m making something you can touch.

Have a look at my increasing gallery at https://regularsteven.com/shop. Photo Prints start at $25, with Canvas Prints from $90. And you can get some pretty big pieces, too. Trust me what I say they look awesome. I’m not one to talk about how proud I am of things, but not much makes me as proud as seeing my work on walls for other people to enjoy. Hope you like them too.

Lastly… I’ve got more to come in this space. I’m in ‘phase one’ of the website with many more features to come. I’m also available for freelance photography work, and I’m working on a folio to showcase my diverse experience. Right now, I’m starting off with the landscape and pretty stuff, but if you’ve got any requests, please hit me up via hello@regularsteven.com

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  1. Heidrun Hiebel // //

    Hi Steven,

    just discovered your website and facebook site and saw what amazing photos you’re shooting.
    Now I understand why you’re fond of a new object of the erupting Mount Agung which would give you the possibility of shooting some interesting photos.
    If you have more amazing photos of Bali and like to exhibit in a photo gallery in Ubud I could present you to a friend who has a well run gallery in the centre of Ubud.
    Please let me know what you think about that.

    Good luck and good shots.


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