Level-up in Lightroom – Online one-on-one class

Want to make your photos stand out?

Let me take you through my workflow with your (or mine) photographs in a 75 minute online workshop for $125. All you need is a computer so we can share screens.

I’ll help you improve your hit-to-miss ratio to create better pictures. And If you’re not happy, I’ll wear that and refund your money (in exchange for feedback).

People, pets, landscapes, architecture, nature, astro – whatever you want, we can talk about it. Questions, conversations, comments – this can be totally conversational, you leading the conversation, or me running the entire session. It’s meant to be casual, but to the point.

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The standard post-production problems

A massive part of taking photos is post-production and the editing work-flow. This can be the maker-or-breaker of getting great results, and without a sensible and structured approach to this, you are no-doubt missing out on potential big wins.

But it’s more than just editing. It’s about knowing which pictures to edit. And which pictures to trash or ‘put aside’. It’s a process with both creative and technical steps. It’s not hard, but the truth is, some pictures just can’t be saved.

Being able to edit your photos is a mix of capturing the right images and then spending time on them once you’re back on your computer. But don’t worry if your pictures aren’t all five stars – there’s a lesson to be learn from every shoot.

For one hour, I’ll Skype with you (up to 75 minutes) and we can share screens. Your screen or mine. Your photos or mine. I’ll demonstrate how to not just pick the winning shots, but give feedback on why. And this can be a valuable lesson for your next shoot.

Don’t have software? That’s cool – we can use my computer with your pictures. And you’ll get to keep all my edits of your shots – they are 100% your photos. Or we can run though my photos and you can ask as many questions as you like.

How’s it work?

  1. Fill out your preference of time using the booking system below
  2. I’ll confirm and send an invoice requesting payment before our session
  3. I’ll send instructions for you to get ready (i.e. adding me on Skype, ensuring we can get a video call going, getting any files shared, if required)
  4. Then we kick off – Just make sure you can make a video call, have headphones and we’re good-to-go

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