Big League at the Catfish

You know when you see friends on stage, and you’re just so happy for them? I’m not trying to be sucky or anything like that, but it’s always great to see people you love just doing what they love, while entertaining a bunch of friends and strangers alike. When I turned up, I knew I was a little late, but I didn’t know if Big Leage had started yet. I was queuing up, I heard music, but I thought “all good, that’s just the CD…” but it was Big League. They were great.

Check em out on Facebook or Soundcloud

3 Responses

  1. Steve Blake // //

    Very proud of you Marie! Uncle Steve x

    • Steven // //

      I’ll pass this on 🙂

    • Marie // //

      Aw thank you Steve. It found its way over to you guys! Magic of the internet, haha. xxx


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