1963 Mini – A British Icon with Modern Melbourne

Mixing classic and contemporary isn’t usually as pronounced as this. But it just works…

Tim O’Grady, restored this little beauty as a pet project, and it took quite a while. When it finally hit the road, what better way to celebrate than taking it for a spin and shoot. I don’t know bugger all about cars, but here’s what Tim had to say.

So the car is a 1963 mini. I swapped it for a lawnmower that I had found in a hard rubbish collection. I’ve had it since I was 13. At the time it had been T-boned by an F250 truck and had been scrapped for parts. I took the shell and all the parts I could get my hands on. All the body and mechanical work was done by Dad, John (the original owner) and myself. I owe a huge thank you to Fiona and mum for work on the interior. It has been made to resemble the performance minis of the 60’s and I’ve tried to keep things original but with modern touches. The car looks exactly as I wanted it too and I’m really happy I stuck with it.

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  1. Lee // //

    Hi there and Just wanted to say….. ‘GREAT WORK TIM!!!’ And I would also like to share my complements to your Dad, Mum and Fiona which you have mentioned helped you out in such a positive way. 🙂

    This may now give you the feeling that every time you look at it, you can say “WOW….. FINALLY…. ITS FINISHED!!!”
    And never have a regret for ever taking on such a BIG, Long, yet special project!!!

    I take my hat off to you Tim…… 🙂

    Take Care…..


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